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We craft specialty grinds using only whole cuts for consistent quality, flavor and the ideal lean/fat ratio, creating a convenient and versatile base for chefs.

Selectively sourced only from premium programs, Crown Range Meats are better quality burgers and grinds, complete with the values and claims that your guests are looking for.

No Hormones or Sub-Therapeutic Antibiotics

Vacuum Packed for Freshness & Convenience

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Not all grass-fed beef is created equal.

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Our Black Angus beef is raised truly free range on sweeping, pristine pastures in New Zealand, where cattle graze on grass year-round.

The Angus breed thrives in New Zealand's moderate climate. Combined with humane farm practices and mindful farmers, this is the most consistent beef with a clean, bold flavor.

Even more than marbling and fat, pH affects the flavor and texture of meat. That's why all whole cuts are graded on pH, ensuring optimal texture and that bold, beefy flavor that Angus is known for.

Pasture Raised  Free Range 365 Days a Year

Grass Fed  in New Zealand

Verified  Black Angus Genetics

No Hormones  or Antibiotic Growth Promotants

GMOs  are Illegal in New Zealand

Raised  to EU Animal Welfare Standards

Halal  Certified

80/20 Lean

5.3oz and 8oz Burger Patties Available


With ground Wagyu, it's easier than ever to experience the exceptional eating quality of this acclaimed beef.

Wagyu is a distinguished Japanese breed renowned for intense marbling, tenderness and juiciness.

Our Wagyu beef is raised by a co-op of farmers in Texas using the same traditional feeding and grain-finishing techniques as authentic Kobe beef in Japan.

Bred  from the Tajima Bloodline

“Never Ever”  Added Hormones or Antibiotics

Raised  in the USA

75/25 Lean

8oz Burger Patties Available


Clean, fresh lamb flavor in chef-ready cuts adaptable to any cuisine.

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Succulent, pasture-raised lamb with a subtly sweet and clean taste that suits a range of cuisines, flavors, and styles.

Responsibly raised on lush pastures in New Zealand, this lamb is completely free-range and grass-fed year-round. Whole cuts are hand-selected and aged 96 hours to the pinnacle of flavor and tenderness before grinding, ensuring the finest quality and consistent flavor.

100%  Grass Fed & Finished

Pasture  Raised Free Range

No  Antibiotics or Added Hormones

GMOs  are Illegal in New Zealand

Halal  Certified

83/17 Lean

5.3oz Burger Patties Available


Crown Range Meats is uncompromising on quality, sourcing whole cuts from the best programs to ensure you receive consistent and robustly flavored ground meats.

We go straight to the source for the whole cuts from which we make our grinds. We know what it takes to make good meat, and we work directly with farmers to find the absolute best.

Our Guarantee:

Consistent Premium Quality

Purity of Product

Bold, Clean Flavor

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